Sustainable & Renewable Energy Services for Commercial & Industrial Premises in London & across the UK

Renewable Energy Contractors (REC) in London

Sustainable & Renewable Energy Services for Commercial & Industrial Premises in London & across the UK



Power and process engineering disciplines have led the way throughout the formation of Tree Building Services’ Renewable Energy Sector.


We feel strongly about the development of power and energy solutions throughout London and nationwide, and have built an outstanding reputation for providing reliable and effective installations to a diverse range of clients including Wind Farms, Bio Mass, Bio Fuels Hydro Power and Wave Power.

Environmental Impact
Assessments (EIA)

We can carry out full Environmental Impact Assessments (IEA) to identify the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project and will take into account inter-related socio-economic impacts as well as cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Building Strong Client Relationships

We are proud of our long-lasting professional relationships with power and process multi-national corporations and other renewable energy specialists who share the same philosophy as us.


Our Renewable Energy Specialists have experience in full installation of solar, wind and other renewable energy systems. Expert advice relating to energy grants and tax incentives will also be provided as part of our service.

Building Strong Client Relationships
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Here at Tree Building Services our company philosophy resonates through the quality of our service. Our continued growth and rapid success is testament to our consistency and dedication to mechanical and electrical construction projects across the UK.
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