Construction Project Management (CPM) Services in London & across UK

Construction Project Management (CPM) Services in London & across UK

Building, Mechanical & Electrical Project Management Service for Commercial & Industrial Construction in London



Our client feedback is testament primarily to the quality of our project management teams and
their dedication to exceeding Client and Partner expectations. We guarantee to provide quality experienced Construction Project Managers with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects including financials, business, negotiations, legal requirements and more.


We guarantee to handle everything from precision planning and preparation through to co-ordination of all Mechanical, Electrical and Building projects from commencement to completion.


You will receive accurate results on time, to budget and 100% defect-free

Construction Project Management
(CPM) Teams

Our Construction Project Management (CPM) teams have extensive experience in managing complex client requirements and will tailor a strategy to ensure all goals are met on time and to budget.


We guarantee to deliver functionally and economically viable Mechanical, Electrical and Building solutions for every project undertaken. Combining traditional project management skills with industry specific expertise; our workforce is highly skilled in managing complex and diverse teams and projects including, but not limited to, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, environmental and heavy civil construction projects.

Construction Project Management (CPM) Teams

Design & Build Process

We will provide Project Management of the highest quality and guarantee to share expert knowledge tailored to assist you in your decision-making process.


Our project managers all possess an excellent awareness of the design and building process, and will ensure strong communication lines are open at all times during working hours.

Design & Build Process

Our Construction Project Management (CPM) teams will:

  • Co-ordinate precision planning and project preparation
  • Manage all financial and legal aspects of the project
  • Source and manage all Human Resources (HR) to ensure top quality workmanship
  • Ensure the project remains on track and targets are being met
  • Control cost management to ensure results are delivered to budget
  • Monitor UK construction standards, building codes, plans and specifications to ensure all criteria are met
  • Create and develop communication strategy for Conflict Resolution and more
  • Adhere to all Public Safety aspects to ensure no complications
Our Construction Project Management (CPM) teams will:
Building Services in London incl Construction Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors and Commercial & Industrial Construction Accrediatations
Here at Tree Building Services our company philosophy resonates through the quality of our service. Our continued growth and rapid success is testament to our consistency and dedication to mechanical and electrical construction projects across the UK.
We look forward to discussing your project with you.
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